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12 Tools That Will Soon Go the Way of Fax and CDs

I‘m preparing for a discussion forum on Friday in Quebec City, and one of the topics we’ll be discussing is how the “information behaviours” of Generation Millennium differ from those of previous generations, and what that means for the tools … Continue reading

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Playing the Fool: Is Role-Playing Inauthentic Behaviour?

In the virtual world Second Life, there are people who are there to play being someone they’re not, and other people who are trying to be authentic. At one extreme there are people who come in and act as a … Continue reading

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Saturday Links for the Week — August 2, 2008 (Late Again)

Women Deserve Better: Just go watch this stirring performance art from social activist and poet Sonya Renee. Thanks to Emily and Daisy for the catch, from feministe. Six Important Trends in Learning & Education: Nancy White and Josien Kapma have … Continue reading

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Bruce Ivins and Squalene

The alternative media are abuzz with the news that Bruce Ivins, the USAMRIID research scientist at the US government lab at Fort Detrick who was in charge of work on anthrax vaccines, and who reportedly committed suicide Tuesday, was about … Continue reading

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