An Art of Hosting Sketchbook

aoh sketchbook
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  1. Very nice harvest, Dave. Bravo! I can feel the warmth and the energy that was flowing around the circle.I am happy to sense that you have really enjoyed your experience with the Art of Hosting. When we met in Quebec 2 months ago and talked about AOH and working with an open heart, your feeling was that this kind of stuff could not work in Toronto and that it must be easier in Quebec, where our latin nature brings us more closer to the heart.Do you still live with that impression? Do you feel ready to embody, as a citizen and a worker, that change you want to see happen in the world? What do you leave behind after this experience?I wish you a smooth return home, reflecting and acting to find an answer to your «Big Question».Warmly,JS

  2. Mariella says:

    Beauty full insight….I would have love to be there… ¿how will you keep alive that feeling of peace and presence…. and irradiate it to the other areas of your daily life?…we are embodied brain processes (remember?) …: train your brain to recall the feeling at will: in calm private moments, close your eyes and feel the feeling… remember the moments, reconstruct all what is needed add smell color : sensorial details..when the feeling is recovered…tell your brain : thats the feeling:lets create a neural route to access it. you have to practice to create the route,(the route means neurotransmisors and other chemicals: emisors and receptors working building the new highway) and little by little it will be easear to access the feeling…until it begins to be a natural response…

  3. I read once that men get angry in situations where women cry. When a man yells, people’s first reaction is to either get angry back or become afraid and withdraw. I ask myself, “Why is that man crying? Is he sad? Is he frightened? Does he feel powerless? Is he ill?, Does he feel unheard?, etc.” Usually the elephant that is causing the pain can be acknowledged and brought to the table. Sometimes it’s something so simple as saying “Let’s take a short break and then we’ll address your issue when we come back” because the meeting has gone on long enough that people are withdrawing from their addictions – they need a smoke, or a cup of coffee or something to stabilize their blood sugar or a short rest.

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