G20: A Corporatist Show of Force and Power in Toronto

Toronto Star photo G20 June 26-2010

Toronto Star photo

A great corporatist hoax was perpetrated in Toronto during the G20 this past weekend, and both the Canadian public and most of the mainstream media bought it hook, line and sinker. To anyone who has ever participated in an anti-globalization protest, this will not be a surprise.

There were over 10,000 police in the downtown streets, in many places every 10m on empty streets and en masse in other places. Yet if you look at the photos of the so-called “anarchist vandals” who smashed windows of American Apparel and other big US-owned chains on Saturday, you won’t find anyone being arrested or challenged — in fact you won’t see any police in any of the pictures of vandals at all (but lots of cameras, of course). Similarly, the police cars set afire were seemingly driven in advance by police into the centre of the publicized demonstration area, and then left, empty, unlocked and unwatched. Shortly thereafter, the empty cars were attacked and torched by the vandals with no obstruction from the police, who are nowhere to be seen in any of the much-publicized photos (see for yourself below).

Then, beginning shortly after the totally-ignored vandalism occurred, large masses of heavily armed police charged peaceful, stationary protesters, beating and arresting dozens apparently at random, and charging the crowd, firing tear gas and rubber bullets at groups just milling around, seated talking or singing together. The unprovoked violence of the cops then continued for the last 36 hours of the G20 meeting, as gangs of heavily-armed police shoulder to shoulder threatened, arrested, bullied and charged at people going about their business in neighbourhoods throughout Toronto, seemingly with no purpose except to instill anger and fear of the police, and incite retaliatory violence.

Here is a collection of photos and videos that pretty well speak for themselves:

“We weren’t just handcuffed. They also put cuffs on our legs, around the ankles. Once we got to Eastern Avenue (the site of the temporary detention centre) we were put into makeshift cages. They were about six metres by four metres in size. For a while, they kept moving us from cage to cage, as we were being processed and the charges were explained to everyone. We were strip searched. It is all kind of blurry. Once we got to speak on the phone to a lawyer, we had some idea of what was happening and knew that we might get out on bail the next day. We did not get any water for 12 hours.We could not wear our shoes in the cell. It was so cold. It felt like it was five degrees and we were in our t-shirts. There were no blankets. There was just a narrow steel bench and a port-a-potty with an open door.”

Toronto Star photo G20

Toronto Star photo

The big surprise of the event is that the police gangs beat up, arrested and caged in a makeshift prison many journalists and professional photographers including representatives of the corporatist mainstream media, who had been set up to film and report on the “anarchists”. Bad idea: The publisher of the mainstream Toronto Star called the show of force “a brutal spectacle that failed the city“. An interviewer for TVOntario was appalled by what he saw first hand, and tweeted his outrage for hours. A reporter for the right-wing corporatist Globe & Mail wrote Police G20 Tactics Give Toronto a Black Eye saying:

Come to Toronto, for work or pleasure, and enjoy having your civil liberties trampled and your right to free expression stifled. Avail yourself of our hospitality in a crowded detention pen, with free stale buns and water when (or if) your hosts get around to it. Partake of an invigorating massage, courtesy of police officers wielding truncheons. The best part – there’s no charge! Except that seems to mean the cops will pick you up, hold you, then let you go without ever following through criminal charges or prosecution, suggesting they had nothing on you in the first place.

The mainstream media as a whole seem a bit bewildered by all of this, but none of them has yet said what the indymedia knew all along: the masked “black bloq anarchist” vandalism was a carefully-staged photo-op for the gullible media, to justify the $1.3B security price tag for holding the ludicrous primp-and-preen G20 “leaders” circus right in the midst of Canada’s biggest city (essentially shutting down the whole city for a week, with a cost to workers and businesses of billions more), and to discourage and discredit legitimate anti-globalization protest.

As in previous large-scale protests, there is substantial evidence that many of the 10,000+ police “hired” for G20 security worked undercover, in plainclothes, and as infiltrators/instigators of the “anarchists” and perpetrators of the vandalism. Since the vandals are all conveniently masked and unidentified (no police around to unmask them), we will never know.

Will the mainstream media figure it out? Stay tuned, but don’t hold your breath. And don’t hold your breath, either, for the dumbed-down Canadian majority to realize they’ve been had. The whole world was watching, but precious few realized what they were really seeing.

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  3. vera says:

    Nothing new here. ‘Cept it’s become really really obvious.

    Would have been a lot better if the cops showed up, but nobody else. Now *that* would have clever.

  4. vera says:

    Oops… meant to say, that would have been clever. Sabotaging the government saboteurs.

  5. vera says:

    P.S. The first photo appears to be tampered with.

  6. Jon Husband says:

    I watched some of it live, as it was happening. It seems clear to me this was an exercise designed to deliver a clear message about force versus subordination. In the future, you subordinate, or we’ll force. Here’s a demo …

  7. Christopher says:

    Sigh. And the circus goes on. The price tag is enough to make you shake your head… and all of it unnecessary.

    The easiest and safest option is for the G8/G20 leaders to walk out, meet the protesters and engage with them. But I won’t hold my breath.

  8. Elli Davis says:

    Thanks a lot for all this info! The summit and the overall situation in Toronto during the last week has indeed been crazy. I was hoping Toronto will be shown in a good light but that did not really happen.

  9. Wholeness says:

    I grew up in the Toronto area. I wasn’t present for the protests but I saw lots of YouTube videos and reports from non-corporate controlled alternative media sites. This was a blatant staged use of excessive force by the NWO. I have grown up in Toronto and never in my life have I seen anything like that. We have protests all the time and usually half a dozen local police in normal uniforms are enough to keep the peace, I have never witnessed any protests get violent or police assault and arrest people for no apparent reason.

    Last week we had a free concert in the downtown core of Iggy and the Stooges, one of the most famous punk bands out there. I attended it and saw very few officers at the event, the rough punk crowd was peaceful and needed minimal crowd control, even though a lot of punk fans like the idea of Anarchy. Fast forward a week to the G20 and we have military style police invading our city from all over the place, trampling on our freedom of speech, assaulting non-violent protesters and even non-protesters in the area for no good reason. What happened at the G20 is totally against the spirit of Toronto where we are all relatively well behaved and get along with police.

  10. John Graham says:

    Some of these visuals brought to mind the “unmotivational poster” ‘Fascism – You really think it will be this obvious?”


    Talk about a media gap – as I accessed these in the library, I felt more isolated from those around me.

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  12. ZX-14 lady says:

    Next time you should condense your post, try to leave out the parts that people skip.

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