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How a Community-Based Co-op Economy Might Work

Most people have been brought up to believe that the competitive, grow-or-die, absentee-shareholder-owned, “free”-trade “market” economy is the only one that works, the only alternative to a socialist, government-run economy. This myth is perpetrated in business and other schools, by … Continue reading

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Living in Another World

photo: Primal Strand, from the book Emeralds at the Edge by Andy Wright What does it mean to “walk away from civilization culture”? Essentially, it means no longer accepting its messages or its worldview, and, as much as possible, no … Continue reading

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What Is Your True Song?

The bird pictured at right  (credit Roland Jordahl) is a Swainson’s Thrush, a regular summer visitor here on Bowen Island. Like most birds, it has both “songs” and “calls”. The songs tend to be more melodious and variable — each … Continue reading

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Links and Tweets of the Month: July 11, 2010

cartoon from Amy Lenzo PREPARING FOR CIVILIZATION’S END Our Belief Systems at a Turning Point?: Gail at the Oil Drum suggests that the Enron/Worldcomm frauds, the bailout of greedy financial corporations, and now the incompetence and deception of BP and … Continue reading

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Living In Our Own Worlds

Vermeer’s artist, from We are social creatures for a reason: It improves the likelihood of our survival. Together we can do things we could never accomplish alone. Culture, the shared beliefs and behaviours of a group of people working … Continue reading

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Bowen in Transition

Last weekend I attended the Transition Movement 2-day introductory training course in Vancouver, along with three fellow Bowen Islanders. We immediately and unanimously agreed to establish a “Bowen in Transition” chapter, affiliated with the Vancouver Transition network (called Village Vancouver). … Continue reading

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