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G20: A Corporatist Show of Force and Power in Toronto

Toronto Star photo A great corporatist hoax was perpetrated in Toronto during the G20 this past weekend, and both the Canadian public and most of the mainstream media bought it hook, line and sinker. To anyone who has ever participated … Continue reading

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What the Bird Said

photo by tinyfishy I had been for a run in the forest, and now, back home, I stopped to rest, sitting on a mossy rock near my house. A chickadee flew down and perched on the cedar tree above me. … Continue reading

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This is Why We’re Here

[This article is cross-posted from my blog at Dark Mountain. In my preamble to the other artists in the Dark Mountain network I wrote: Over the last couple of weeks there has been a flurry of attention in the blogosphere … Continue reading

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Links & Tweets of the Month: June 13, 2010

(remind you of someone you know? — photo posted anonymously on imgur) PREPARING FOR CIVILIZATION’S END Return to Dark Mountain: The current structure of these Links of the Week/Month (starting each set of links with articles on “preparing for civilization’s … Continue reading

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The Freedom to Do Nothing

sustainable, energy-efficient 500sf home built using local, healthy, natural materials into the side of  a woodland hill in Wales .     .     .     .     . When you begin to get free, you will get depressed. It works like this: When you … Continue reading

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The Roles of the Facilitator (Guest Post by Tree Bressen)

[Sorry, folks: I jumped the gun on this post; I will repost it here once Tree has had time to properly edit and approve it, so stay tuned]

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No Room for Compassion

(photo from Kevin Cameron at Bastish) I‘ve just finished reading a book that Tree gave me, called Birdology. It describes author Sy Montgomery’s experience with hens, pigeons, crows, hawks, parrots, hummingbirds and cassowaries. It’s an easy, fun read, but if … Continue reading

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Going in Circles

Thank you, dear readers. I owe you so much, and I don’t say it enough. You’ve told me for years what I should do to make this blog better, and it’s only beginning to sink in. For years I wrote … Continue reading

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