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Running Out of Time

Image: Dali’s Persistence of Memory (This is a thought piece. I lay no claim to expertise in theoretical mathematics, physics or anthropology. It is just a line of thinking based on some recent reading that led to an extraordinary thesis … Continue reading

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New Camera Photos

I got my first “real” camera last weekend, a Pentax K-x with a regular and a 300mm telephoto lens, on Craigslist. Here are some of my first shots with it, which I’ve put up on my Picasa site: The living/dining … Continue reading

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Transition and the Collapse Scenario

(artwork above from The Transition Handbook) For the last year or so I’ve been involved with our local Transition Initiative, and have communicated with many members of Transition initiatives around the world. Several of my articles on Transition-related topics have … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Like Your Story, Can You Create a New One?

For most of my life, I have struggled intermittently with depression (the Noonday Demon), and anxiety (its Accomplice). And in my practice to become more present, I have been trying to better understand, recognize and articulate strong negative emotions that … Continue reading

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