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worse, still

(slightly edited Jan 2017) it’s important for us to believe we live a better life than birds. without that faith we could not go on we would have to give up everything and be merely free. ….. “it could be … Continue reading

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The End of Strategy

I spent much of my professional career developing and implementing Strategic Plans. The hardest part of this was that most people didn’t (and still don’t) know what ‘strategy’ is: the choice among alternative courses of action, not the determination of … Continue reading

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Links of the Month: September 25, 2011

A lot of reading, this month, and not a lot to show for it. I get some comfort from the belief that more people are talking seriously about the probability of civilization’s collapse, and doing some serious catching up. There … Continue reading

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When Consensus Doesn’t Work

consensus process flowchart by tree bressen For the most part, I would argue, our industrial civilization culture has given up on allowing groups to make decisions. In business, decisions are mostly made by individuals at the top of the hierarchy … Continue reading

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Moving from Understanding and Protest to Direct Action

Over the last month I have been reading two (overly-long) books about new political and economic strategies, in parallel: Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economics and Derrick Jensen et al’s Deep Green Resistance. This is a short review of these two books. … Continue reading

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