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What We Measure Reflects Our Culture

(This is a rather silly post about our clumsy measurement systems, and how, if we were to reinvent them, we might come up with something much more intuitive and easy to remember; skip it if you’re busy, since I have … Continue reading

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Living Disconnected

Cartoon by Jack Ziegler in the New Yorker. You can buy his stuff here. Last year, my article What Are You Going to Do When the Internet’s Gone stirred up lots of discussion and surprisingly little pushback from the technophiles … Continue reading

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Making a Living for Ourselves

US population by employment status: Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you assume most of the “not working” Americans not currently listed as officially “unemployed” would, if they had the opportunity, be working at least part-time, the real unemployment rate … Continue reading

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Links of the Month: August 7, 2011

Cartoon by Robert Leighton from this week’s New Yorker. Buy his prints and other products here. QUESTION OF THE MONTH What do we call ourselves now? The word “liberal” has been turned into a swear-word in the US and coopted … Continue reading

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Technical Difficulties

I‘m in the midst of doing my Links of the Month post, and I’ve been grumbling and complaining about some of the technologies I’m using and how I’ve been unable to get them to work to my satisfaction. So I … Continue reading

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