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The Second Denial

Over the past decade, a significant proportion of the world’s population has moved past denial that human activity is killing our planet, and that our current way of life is utterly unsustainable. But very few have moved past denial that … Continue reading

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The Limits to What You Can Learn Online or Alone

I want to learn to meditate. More than that, I want to learn presence, the art of being in the moment, aware, relaxed, attentive, competently and appropriately responsive and adaptive, taking everything in intellectually, emotionally, sensuously, and instinctively, collecting, engaging … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Prehistory

I‘ve explained before that I’m not a believer in the myth of the Noble Savage. We are by nature, when faced with adversity, fierce creatures, capable of extraordinary violence and cruelty. I’ve also written that, as many contemporary anthropologists have … Continue reading

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Liberation from Civilization!

(this article is an attempt to shorten, personalize and update my signature post A Framework for Personal Action) third chart in my collapse scenario for civilization For many years the thesis of this blog has been: Our civilization is in … Continue reading

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Love in a World of Scarcity has been running a series of articles by Tracy Clark-Flory on monogamy, prompted in part by a New York Times Review article that quizzed sexpert Dan Savage about the Weiner affair, and in part on the seemingly endless list … Continue reading

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Google+: On Communities, Circles, Friendship and Love

A member of my community, visiting my yard yesterday I‘ve signed up, somewhat reluctantly, for Google+, the latest foray by Google into the quagmire of social networking. Given the failure of Orkut, Buzz and (the one I really liked) Google … Continue reading

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Links for the Month: July 7, 2011

Aftermath of the recent Missouri tornados The political and economic fabric of our society continues to unravel, slowly and (usually) quietly. Much of the news of any enduring significance is about unsustainable behaviour run amok: more bailouts and subsidies for … Continue reading

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Nothing Much Left to Say About Civilization’s End

Crow photo by (and photoshopped by) Dave, taken at the beach in Stanley Park, Vancouver. I‘ve been pretty quiet on this blog for a while, and it’s not because I’ve been too busy to write. I just don’t have much … Continue reading

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