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Not Ready to Do What’s Needed

forms of activism, adapted from the book Deep Green Resistance There is a period in most relationships when one or more of the members knows in their heart that the relationship is not sustainable and something very difficult must be … Continue reading

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Collective Mindfulness Practices

The other day I had lunch with Michael Nenonen, a Vancouver social worker and freelance journalist (and a new friend). Michael has written a lot about the malaise of our modern culture and the damage it has done to us … Continue reading

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Collapse! The Game: Draft #2

Back in December I posted the first draft of a new collaborative/cooperative game I have been designing for use in community-building, transition planning and resilience-building. I am pleased to present a second, more refined, somewhat simplified, and more complete draft. … Continue reading

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How Do We Build Local Social Capital?

In my previous article, I recapped and built upon Nicole Foss’ (Stoneleigh of The Automatic Earth blog) presentation in Vancouver last week. The first part of her presentation, I noted, was about the current intractable economic (and specifically debt) problems … Continue reading

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Rescuing the Economy: Austerity vs Stimulus vs Plan C

Last evening I went to see Nicole Foss (Stoneleigh at The Automatic Earth) talk about preparing for economic collapse (which she believes, as I do, will precede and help precipitate energy and ecological collapse). The presentation, which will be available … Continue reading

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