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The Cost of Seeking Invulnerability to Pain

chart of fears, from this earlier post Nick Smith recently pointed me to a short article by Turil Cronburg, which in part read: The way I’ve found real safety, even while being held captive in jail and in homeless shelters … Continue reading

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Links for the Month: January 29, 2012

Not much to say this month as an intro to the links below; I think yesterday’s post about the insanity of our inexhaustible search for large-scale ways to save us from us sums up where I’m at: Full of joy, … Continue reading

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The Intercession of a Thousand Small Sanities

diagram from my earlier blog post explaining what complex systems are and how they differ from ‘merely complicated’ systems In last week’s New Yorker, Adam Gopnik laments the epidemic of imprisonment in America, especially of the young and visible minorities, … Continue reading

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Group Works Card Deck – A Joyful Announcement

For the past couple of years a group of professional facilitators and others experienced in and interested in improving “group process” has been working to create a “pattern language” (an integrated collection of practices, processes, qualities and other phenomena that … Continue reading

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What We Like vs What We Want

This is another in my series of articles exploring the basic existential questions of who we are and what motivates us to do what we do. For those puzzled about what that has to do with “saving the world”, my … Continue reading

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Gangsters and Banksters

cartoon by Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune, from Cagle comics The Occupy movement has focused public attention on the vast and growing disparity of wealth and power in the US, and increasingly in other affluent nations. You’ve all seen the … Continue reading

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