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From SHIFT: My Three-Part Series on Complexity and Collapse

Graphic courtesy of SHIFT Magazine (click on the graphic to view full-screen) The third and final part of my series of articles on complexity and collapse is now up on the SHIFT Magazine site. Here’s a synopsis of all three … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Help Your People Shine

image: Paul Stevenson, from flickr, Creative Commons CC BY 2.0 When the members of the non-profit Group Pattern Language Project developed the 91-card Group Works deck [download 1-page summary of all 91 patterns; download a deck free; buy a professionally … Continue reading

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What the 1960s Were Really About

During the late 1960s, like many of my peers, I wrote lots of poems and short stories that featured pretty young people with flowers in their long hair —gentle, spontaneous, uncivilized “children of the Earth”. Joanne, the love of my life at … Continue reading

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The End of Central Governments?

National Center for Atmospheric Research projected chronic drought areas mid-century; purple and red areas may be essentially uninhabitable Students of past civilizations describe a civilization’s end not as a sudden tumultuous collapse but more a ‘walking away’, a giving up … Continue reading

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The Power of Potlucks

Just at the end of a video on the Sharing Economy that Janaia and Robin at were making with Tree Bressen, Janaia, Tree and I started riffing on the Power of Potlucks. This short, fun video is the result. … Continue reading

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Choosing Our Pleasures

Papaloa Beach, Kaua’i, photo by the author Imagine you’re in this situation: It’s a half hour before sunset, and you’re in a lovely home in an exceptionally beautiful place. A small group of people is preparing a group dinner, and … Continue reading

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