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A Pattern Language for Effective Activism

I‘m delighted that Generation Alpha — long one of my favourite FB pages — asked me to write an article for their new blog. The article I chose — A Pattern Language for Effective Activism — is now up. Please … Continue reading

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Why I (Still) Blog

cartoon by the amazing Michael Leunig Reminiscent of the early-blogosphere Friday Five, Marc Hudson of Manchester Climate Monthly asked me 5 brilliant questions and posted my responses on the site. I thought I would repost them here for anyone unaware of and … Continue reading

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Visit to Totnes

I’m in Totnes UK for a 5-day writing/story-telling workshop with Paul Kingsnorth and Dougald Hine, authors of the masterful Dark Mountain Manifesto. Also home to Rob Hopkins and the gang from Transition Network. Not a bad place to spend a … Continue reading

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Just Begin: A Meditation

I spent today outside, among the trees, silent, naked, just paying attention. It’s part of my rather clumsy presencing practice. This is what occurred to me during this meditation-inquiry-contemplation session. There has been a conversation going on inside me almost my … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for the Fall

It seems it is both too early and too late for us to do much to prepare for what James Kunstler calls The Long Emergency — the gradual collapse, over the coming decades, of our global economic/political, energy/resource and ecological/climate … Continue reading

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Systems Thinking and Complexity 101

This is a synopsis of a talk and mini-workshop I gave recently in Vancouver. It introduces a model for identifying and dealing with both the complicated and complex aspects of issues we face in our own lives, in our organizations … Continue reading

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Links of the Month: Sunday, June 8, 2014

(I suppose I should start calling this “Links of the Quarter” since that’s about how often I’ve been posting it.) another gem from the incomparable michael leunig; thanks to generation alpha (check out their new blog!) for the link. Charles Eisenstein’s book Sacred … Continue reading

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The Birds and the Bees

Sitting out on the back deck drinking tea and writing, and occasionally snapping photos of some of the birds and other flying creatures that stop by: Other regular visitors are black-capped chickadees (my totem bird), double-crested cormorants, (murderous numbers of) … Continue reading

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