A Pattern Language for Effective Activism

I‘m delighted that Generation Alpha — long one of my favourite FB pages — asked me to write an article for their new blog. The article I chose — A Pattern Language for Effective Activism — is now up. Please go over and take a look, and sign up to be notified about future Generation Alpha posts while you’re at it. Teaser:

Even if you’re not aware of it, you’re probably an activist. If you’ve been involved in a letter-writing campaign, a demonstration, a boycott, a Transition initiative, a Sharing Economy program, or an Occupy activity, you qualify, and you probably have a story about something that went really well, or really badly. This article is about how to improve our activism, to make it more effective at achieving its goals. To start, the chart below shows the five main forms and 18 main categories of activism, adapted from the book Deep Green Resistance:

direct action

(to read the rest of the article, visit Generation Alpha)

Bonus teaser: Here’s what a “pattern language” for effective action might look like:

effective activism


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