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Suffering Fools Gladly

Once a year I try to travel outside my circle of comfort, both intellectually and geographically. Last year I spent nearly a week with Dougald Hine and Paul Kingsnorth, the genii of Dark Mountain, and met up at the same time with … Continue reading

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The Power of Pattern Languages

I was recently interviewed about Pattern Languages, and specifically about Group Works, the pattern language of  collaborative, deliberative and participative processes that I was involved with (I’m a member of the coordinating team that produced the card deck based on … Continue reading

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Links of the Quarter: May 28, 2015

subdivision in Cathedral City CA, built (as you can see) in the desert; photo by Damon Winter in the NYT So, here’s the thing: All “growth” in the economy, for at least the past half century, has come from producing … Continue reading

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Beyond Belief

My latest article, Beyond Belief, is up at SHIFT magazine as part of its ninth edition. Check out the whole magazine! And if you like what you read, or prefer to read hard copy, please get this issue as a … Continue reading

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this just being together

“Philosophers will say that humans can never be silent because the mind is made of words. Turning within, you will find only words and images that are parts of yourself. But if you turn outside yourself — to the birds and … Continue reading

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Poster: The New Political Map

Full-sized downloadable PDF version with hyperlinks here. I have added in the names of seven people I greatly admire (all, sadly, middle-aged or older white males) who have written articles or books that I think exemplify worldviews F through L. In the PDF … Continue reading

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