so now I see the sense of Gaia,
the collective Intelligence of all-life-on-Earth,
a single gently-balanced ‘organism’
in the endless process of becoming,
through evolution not as ‘progress’ but as exploration —
Gaia as one intelligence, one organism, one ‘environment’
of which each of us is a part, but not apart

and, too, I see the sense of ‘non-dual’ oneness,
that there is only infinite eternal Awareness, ‘the quality of Being’,
that there is no time, no ‘self’, no separateness, no ‘thing’ —
and that all life and all ‘existence’ is just the expression of Awareness,
its creation, its exploration into its own true nature,
and that we are all that Awareness, a part but not apart

but now I wonder:
what is Gaia if not a ‘thing’?
is it the ’embodiment’ of Awareness?

and if that’s true,
does that mean that all-that-is-Gaia is just a game
that Awareness plays with itself?

a game of solitaire?

photo: earthrise, seen from apollo 8, via NASA, on wikipedia (public domain)

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5 Responses to solitaire

  1. Nathan Shepperd says:

    The Gaia that can be named is not the true Gaia.

    Does this work as a Taoist quip?

  2. Paul Chefurka says:

    The game of Lila.

  3. Ken Stokes says:

    I hear the stillness of your island, cuz!

  4. liliana says:

    Solitaire? Why?

    1. Planet Earth (Gaia / Gea, Theogony Hesiod) is not alone in space, interacts with the sun,… in the galaxy. Evidently.
    2. The ‘Gaia hypothesis’ is scientific hypothesis-theory ( been formalised by chemist James Lovelock) and ‘Gaia Theory’ (microbiologist Dr. Lynn Margulis). Its matter is biological, the homeostasis; it’s not philosophy-metaphysics and, even less, religion-metaphysics.

    (One thing is one thing. _One thing is an object, and so, thence, it is representation, notion or a concept).

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