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Spoiled By Perfection

There are a few restaurants I’ve visited in my lifetime that prepare everything so well that you are truly spoiled, for weeks thereafter, for eating anything else. The word ‘spoil’ etymologically means ‘stripped bare, robbed’. So being spoiled is a mixture … Continue reading

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A Culture Driven By Fear: The Psychology of Collapse

Image of homelessness from the now-defunct Italian blog Moving & Learning There are domesticated animals in every rescue shelter that are acknowledged as being too damaged to integrate into a new ‘forever’ family. Some have lived so much of their young lives … Continue reading

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The Path from Here to Here

Intellectually, the message of radical non-duality, for the most part, resonates with me. I appreciate conceptually these core parts of the message: The ‘separate self’ with personal identity, responsibility, self-control, free will and choice is an illusion. I understand how the … Continue reading

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