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Links of the Quarter: September 2016

our civilization, it seems to me is like an old man with alzheimer’s; it has its good days and its bad days, but on the whole the progress of the disease seems slow but relentless and the prognosis doesn’t look … Continue reading

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What Would It Take to Live Sustainably?

edible forest garden in Shropshire, via wikipedia CC BY-SA 3.0 I‘m a believer in experiments. Try things out, learn from the mistakes. Prototype. Converse. Explore. Discover. That’s why, although I am convinced our civilization will collapse over the course of this … Continue reading

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Second Thoughts

image: public domain from pixabay CC0 On several occasions recently I found myself getting angry or anxious, and then almost immediately realized how inappropriate and futile my reaction was. I read about an act of destructive greed, and read an article … Continue reading

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photo by Maren Yumi conversation log: 6469 New Calendar It is inherently difficult, because of your language’s limitations, to articulate how this way of being is so different from yours. Your language, as your people have explained, evolved during your Time … Continue reading

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