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Dave’s Favourite Songs of the 2010s

seal photo from a recent video by my friend Bob Turner In my last post I described the qualities of a great song, and specifically what certain songs evoke in me. This list is my favourite songs of the thousands … Continue reading

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Why Music Is Like Sex

Ebony Steel Band Juniors — UK National Competition Champions 2017 In the process of putting together my list of “favourite 30-40 songs of the decade”, I’ve been listening to my favourite songs from other decades (I’ve been making these lists … Continue reading

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What Would Net Zero Emissions by 2025 Look Like?

graph by Our World in Data The latest IPCC report says that in order to prevent catastrophic climate change global net CO2 emissions will have to reach net zero by 2050, from their current levels of 33-38B tons rising by … Continue reading

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Happy Now?

image from Succo at pixabay CC0 You’ve probably seen the 2004 talk where “happiness guru” Dan Gilbert says that people who have won the lottery and people who have had limbs amputated are equally happy with their lives a year … Continue reading

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