whispers of what was remembered

 .                                                                                                                                                                          [to frankie]

there is already no one

there is already no seeking

there is already only this

not in time, but not eternal — only always

not in space, but not infinite — only everywhere

there is already only what is appearing, not any thing, not any happening,
.                    just unfolding

it is already over
                          (all my trials…)

there is already no thing, and no thing apart

there is already no life, no birth, no death, no events, no continuity, nothing passing, nothing changing, nothing lost or gained

everything is already always new

there is already no meaning, no purpose, no causality, no agency, no how or why,
no need for any of that

there is already no relationship, no necessity for anything to be other than this

this is already obvious, always here, always just this, open to be seen
.                      (but not by any one)

there is already nothing needed, nothing to be done,
nothing that must or should or might be done


what then is left?

no thing

and everything

a stunning, full-on embrace: this



[painting by BC artist Terry Kolber]

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