ome interesting things happening around the blogosphere this week:

The 2003 Blogathon for Charity occurred last Saturday. Hundreds of bloggers raised money for charities of their choice by blogging for 24 hours straight. Whew! To all the survivors and sponsors, good show.

Two very funny items from Doug the Dynamic Driveler. First, Gayisms, a literate and hilarious set of quotations about homosexuality. Doug got the list by e-mail and no one seems to know where it came from. Someone send a copy to those hatemongers Bush and the Pope.

And second, a priceless true story with a happy ending about a cat name Rudy. Read it when you’re feeling down.

Some new and very promising Salon Blogs that I just stumbled on this week:

  • Leslie Talbot at It’s Not Me..It’s You describes the perils of the single life. Wonderful, fluid, intelligent, engaging stories. Check out ‘The Hardest Job in the World’ especially.
  • Dick Jones’ Patteran Pages are full of smart, inspiring posts on a wide variety of subjects, beautifully written and full of personal insights.
  • Gavin Morris has built a really stunning, immaculately laid-out blog on a Salon framework. Hope he creates some themes for the rest of us Radio users to adopt. Englishman Gavin is a true globe-trotter, and has some amazing photos and stories from far-away places.

And of course today is the day to submit your final 26 Things photos (my entry for the subject of transport is shown above). Since getting my new  Fujifilm Finepix digicam last month, I’m sufficiently entranced with photography to be considering compiling a composite 26 Things consisting of links to the best (imho anyway) photo on each of the 26 subjects.

Thought for the day: Getting a new computer is like moving. You are absolutely forced to look at all the junk you’ve accumulated and get rid of the non-essential. It is nerve-wracking but at the end of it you feel noticeably lighter, better organized and actually able to find stuff. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go take my ulcer medication.

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7 Responses to DAY TRIPS

  1. M. L. Foster says:

    I have set up more computers in my life that the prospect of getting a new one for me at home is so disturbing to me I will probably keep this one until it dies. The cat funny was a classic. My vet has a funny story about her sister and her wedding dress and an encounter with a skunk that she should write up as it is nearly as comical and about as long and involved. I have not checked out the other links but I am sure they will be as interesting as always.I wish my own life were more interesting. I don’t really like political blogging (too depressing)…

  2. Bryan says:

    my life is interesting, i just don’t like typing stuff out… maybe i should build a wearable computer so i can blog on the go. might actually write something then. i’m on my 4th computer, got my first one in 1998. i haven’t deleted a thing (: , digital packrat. i couldn’t stand to lose anything.and i’m picking up two 200GB hd’s this weekend, fry’s has them on sale for $130

  3. Dave Pollard says:

    Marie: From what I’ve read on your blog, your life is very interesting. It’s all a matter of observation and perspective. If you don’t like political blogging, blog about something else. Write some stories. Tell us about your family history, or what’s happening in your town, or your wishes for your grandchildren, or how to make a great perogy, or what’s in your garden, or…(you get the idea). Read “It’s not me…it’s you” for inspiration.Bryan: What are you going to do when your PC has more accessible memory than you do? The idea of blogging on the go sounds interesting — let us know your progress (you can blog from PDAs, including posting photos live, already, and some people are trying out ‘audioblogs’).

  4. Bryan says:

    with 400gb… i’ll fill it, trust me. i’m working on getting a revisioning filesystem going on it. on the go might not be so bad with stuff like that (: i think i’ll force myself to write an entry before i pass out for the night(its like 4am i think..)

  5. says:

    Hi Dave,Is it too late to enter 26 things for that project? Or is/was it only for Salon Bloggers? I’ve got the pictures and would like to participate but being out in no man’s land (i.e. blogging independently of any blogging server, from my own website) I don’t know if I’m persona non grata? No, I don’t mean that – of course I’m grata. So can I send the pics? It would take a couple of days to sort them out.

  6. Dave Pollard says:

    Natalie: I don’t think there’s any official deadline. People are still submitting today even though they originally said to post August 1. Just go to the site and post the URL where your set of 26 pics is posted. Sh1ft, who is running this, not connected with Salon blogs.

  7. says:

    Thanks. Will do, as soon as I boot out the old inertia again.

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