For many reasons, I greatly admire photobloggers. I know how hard it is to take good pictures (that’s why you see so few of mine on this blog). If twenty percent of us think we can write, at least double that number (incorrectly) think they can shoot pictures. Organizing your work has to be a nightmare. And so much depends on personal taste that it must be inordinately difficult for a photoblogger to find an audience.

Back in the Summer, I listed four photoblogs I especially liked:  Concubine, Vanilla Shots (formerly Nukie), A Thousand Words, and Photojunkie. According to photoblogs.org, which has a complete directory as well as a Top 10 and Hot Photoblogs list, there are at least 3193 photoblogs.

I still very much like the four photoblogs listed above. Here are four more favourites I’ve found since:

The photo above was taken last week by Sam Javanrouh at Daily Dose of Imagery. Sam is a Canadian who immigrated from Iran five years ago. This photo was shot on King Street in Toronto, where I used to walk during lunch breaks. This guy has an amazing eye and is very creative. Here’s a 24-hour time-lapse movie of the Toronto skyline he took last year. Sam is up for a bloggie.

Californian Crispyneurons took some amazing pictures of the California wildfires late last year, including the one above.

New Yorker Eric Hancock has an excellent Photo Of The Day feature. I especially like this one from Monday, a photo of a team in the Idiotarod, NYC’s takeoff on the Iditarod, showing a gorgeously-decorated shopping cart.

And last but not least, from the UK, Aalia Wayfare at the LeftHander has three extraordinary galleries of photos, including some stunning landscapes.

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  1. liam says:

    I too used to walk through that park. It jumped out at me when I came here today, “Hey, that looks like . . . it is!” I’m returning to Toronto in the spring. Until then I’ll visit Sam’s blog to keep the homesickness at bay. Thanks, Dave.

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