eggHere’s a silly publicity stunt I dreamed up to motivate people to check out more of the wonderful Salon Blogs. Last night I ‘hid’ 10 eggs, like the one at left, one in each of 10 selected Salon Bloggers’ comments threads. They are numbered 1 to 10 inclusively. The posts in which they are ‘hidden’ are no more than one week old (April 2 or more recent). Your challenge is to be the first to find them. When you do, come back here and ‘claim’ the easter egg by posting, in the comments thread below, which Salon Blog you found it in, and its number.

Then, when you’ve claimed it, it’s your job to hide another egg, in another Salon Blog comment thread (remember — no going back further than April 2 or it gets too hard). Here’s how you do it:

  1. Select a Salon Blog from this list or this list, or any other Salon Blog you know of that has been updated since April 2.
  2. Go to that blog and check to ensure that there aren’t already eggs hidden in the last week’s posts’ comments on that blog. Then select one of the comments threads from the last week and type in (or cut and paste) as your comment this line of code:
Happy Easter!  <img src=”/images/egg.gif”> xx

where xx is the number ten greater than the egg you found, e.g. if you found egg 7 then the egg you hide would be 17.

Theoretically, we could end up with an egg in the comments of every active Salon Blog. Remember, to claim the egg you have to be the first one to do so in the comments thread below — if you e-mailed me about it or commented on it elsewhere it doesn’t count.

This is just for fun — no prizes, except the discovery of some great, and underappreciated, blogs. The hunt ends Easter Sunday. Happy Easter, everyone.

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  1. Philip says:

    Heart Attack Diaries Blog 3757 Easter Egg 8What Happens When You Tell A Lie Blog 2889 Egg 4

  2. Zes says:

    Thistle and hemlock, Blog 2614, Easter Egg 3

  3. Philip says:

    I’m not sure it isn’t already obvious but if you find egg 1x you hide egg 2x if you find egg 2x you hide egg 3x etc. Also Dave you might have eggs showing up and people wouldn’t have a clue, the egg should link back to your easter egg hunt somehow (too late now). Of course that might be seen as shameless self promotion but all Salon Bloggers read everything you write <grin> so perhaps that will not be necessary. Great idea and lots of fun. I’ll trackback this post and promote it!

  4. Marijo says:

    The Hermit’s Bid For Attention, Blog 3227, egg #6

  5. mscandide says:

    Dave, thanks for the egg! I want to commend you on your blog’s great new ID photo. I can believe everything that guy says.Yours is one of my favorite blogs. I especially appreciate the food bank list below. I’m going shopping tomorrow. Never stop.

  6. Marijo says:

    PS. Haloscan comments don’t support the Easter Egg HTML, so don’t try to hide one in blogs that have that. The egg doesn’t show up, as I discovered therough trial and error.

  7. Marijo says:

    Broken Windows, blog #2967, Egg #2. Hehe, this is fun!

  8. O RLY YA RLY says:

    Rayne Today, blog 1549, egg #16 (by Marijo)*off to go hide #26*

  9. Althaea says:

    wow, i go bury myself in crochet for a few days and *this* happens. the internet, it moves so fast. thanks for the egg, mister.

  10. Vincent says:

    Perils of Caffeine in the Morning, blog #1970, egg #18

  11. Marijo says:

    I’m losing my comments. I just lost another. But I found Altheaea’s Easter egg: that’s egg # 1, blog # 3222, Mallowdrama Mel. I already hid #11.

  12. catnmus says:

    The Grace Pages, Blog 3622 Easter Egg 28!

  13. catnmus says:

    Heh. How to Save the World, Blog #2007, egg #11!

  14. eikoch says:

    Interns’ Diary, Blog 3027, egg #21

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