salon logoI have just updated the full Directory of Active Salon Blogs. You can download it in Excel format by clicking on the link at the top of the right sidebar just below my e-mail link. It contains current information on the owner and subject of each blog, plus current sortable data on  hits/month and inbound blog counts. Please send me details of any missing and new Salon Blogs, and any errors in the Directory. I promise to post any updates I receive to the Directory spreadsheet regularly. Here are the summary statistics for the last month:

  • Total hits per month were about 1.05 million, up 10% from February (due almost entirely to a rebound in Filchyboy’s hit count). Of that total, 760 thousand hits (72%) went to the top 11 (7%) of active blogs. Median hit count remains about 700 per month.
  • Inbound blogs totaled about 4150, up 10% from February, with the top 11 active blogs accounting for almost exactly half of them. Median number of inbound blogs remains at 7.
  • The approximate proportion of female Salon bloggers was 42%, the same percentage as in January and February.
  • No longer blogging, it appears, are the passionate Toby’s Political Diary (#1282), Asia Business Intelligence (#1319), Everything That Sucks (Come Back, Amanda! #1691), Patriotically Incorrect (#2379),.Lean for Dean (#2429), Doublethink (#2521), Life in LA (We miss you, Claire! #2608), and 16 relatively new bloggers. David Harris is on hiatus.
  • Mambrino’s Helmet is back as The Forge.
  • Of the roughly 240 new Salon Blog numbers assigned this past two months (#3412-3642 and #3743-3757), about 90 made at least one post, and the following 36 appear to be posting regularly. That leaves the number of active Salon Blogs at 174, up 14 from February. Welcome to all new Sloggers.
Schnauzer Logic    #3435   
Connecting the Dots    3437   
Vanitas Personae    3446   
Cassandra Predicts    3456   
 Two Fawn’s American Indian Movement Pages     3467   
Mindboggling Adventure Tales    3488   
Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion    3494   
Saunter & Repose    3517  
Avon Calling    3522   
Bill Penrose’s Radio Weblog    3530   
The Cassandra Frost Collection    3531   
Lumberg Boinked Her    3552   
Screwing the Pooch    3557   
Poli Sigh    3566   
The Outer Edge    3573   
Matriarch    3577   
Oh My Stars    3580   
The Poche    3591  
Bob Rich’s Weblog    3592  
Douglas Moran’s Radio Weblog    3597  
XXX Rated Realist    3602   
Rich Whiteley’s Radio Weblog    3605  
Manhattan Waiter    3612  
The Grace Pages    3622  
Lucy    3627 
Vietnam Moving Wall in Worland WY    3628 
Ashent TwentyThree’s Radio Weblog    3632  
What’s in Scott’s Head    3635  
Monkey Labs    3637  
Carnival Knowledge    3641  
Infidelia    3744 
1.21 Giggawats    3746  
Docta Puella    3751 
Enough    3752   
Steve Simard’s Radio Weblog    3753 
Heart Attack Diaries    3757   

If I’ve missed your Salon Blog, or if you know of any active (posted within the last month) active Salon Blogs not in the directory, please let me know. There’s just one day left to find the missing Easter eggs (see post below), and a few of them are hidden in the above newbie blogs.

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