A Little Bragging, A Little Contest, and the reason Dave’s RSS is MIA

Although my page-counts are going through their usual spring doldrums, my Technorati inbound blog count is creeping up on the magic 1000 mark, and should reach that level in the next week or two. This will be a first for anySalon blogger, and I’ll be the fourth (I think) Canadian to accomplish this. Although the numbers tend to jump around as people add and delete you from their blogrolls and as posts referring to you appear on and disappear off blog home pages, I will try my best to be watching for the moment I first reach that level, and I will award a small prize to the 1000th inbound blog, and also to one randomly selected blog linking to me already, and one randomly-selected reader of my RSS feeds. I’ll announce the winners as soon as that happens. Thanks to all readers — this is a truly grassroots accomplishment, as the only ‘A-list’ blogger who links to me is Canada’s most-linked blogger, technowhiz and Tucows guru Ross Rader.

Also, on a technical note, I inadvertently posted by May 12 post with a July 12 date, and since then, even though I deleted and reposted it with a correct date, my RSS feeds are no longer going out, I suspect because the RSS reader software is waiting for something more ‘current’ than July 12. I’m trying to fix it, but in the meantime if you find yourself on my blank July/05 page, please use the calendar to jump back into the present.

[Update: May 16 — RSS feed fixed, thanks to Aalia Wayfare and Userland’s Lawrence Lee! If anyone notices anything still amiss, please let me know]

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  1. Richard says:

    Congratulations, Dave! I’d be interested to know how you’ll determine who your readers-via-RSS are, though. Especially now since we’re unable to do so! :P

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