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Friday Flashback: Twelve Ways to Think Differently

In May 2005 I wrote this post that, after it was picked up months later on Digg and other popularity lists of web articles, turned out to be my most-visited article ever: Our minds are like our bodies — fail … Continue reading

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Reframing Questions

Kathy Sierra over on Twitter has been throwing two types of teasers at us this week. The first are what she calls ‘rules that aren’t always useful’, that I’d call ‘false myths and limiting generalizations‘, such as: don’t feed trolls … Continue reading

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Five Ways to Make a Point

Take a look at this article from, written by UC Prof Mike Davis. The words that came to mind when I read it were succinct, witty, provocative, and well-researched. He manages to capture the essence of what has led … Continue reading

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Making the Transition to a Natural Economy

I‘ve written before about the idea of creating a responsible, sustainable, joyful, Natural Economy, and about how difficult it is to ‘get there’ because the brutal industrial economy we live under is The Only Life We Know. Most of the … Continue reading

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Saturday Links for the Week: July 12, 2008

A Short History of the End of Civilization: Mike Davis is a brilliant and provocative writer. Just go read his brief and incisive summary of what has led our civilization to the brink of collapse. Mike, you need a blog! … Continue reading

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Friday Flashback: Beginning Again

In September 2005 I summarized biologist David Ehrenfeld’s prescient 1993 book Beginning Again, in which he lovingly tells the story of the giant green turtles of Costa Rica, who have lived there unchanged for 300 million years, skewers bureaucracy and … Continue reading

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there is an artist hiding inside each of us

there is an artist hiding inside each of us. it wants to re-present what we see, sense, feel…it wants to capture what is, what is astonishing, here, now… it want to create what can only be imagined… it wants to … Continue reading

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Help Me Design the Natural Enterprise Toolkit

My first book, Finding the Sweet Spot: The Natural Entrepreneur’s Guide to Responsible, Sustainable, Joyful Work will be published next month by Chelsea Green. The publisher is sponsoring a companion website/toolkit at that is currently under development. I’d love … Continue reading

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The Seven Steps to Business Sustainability

Interface Carpets’ sustainability model It’s tough explaining sustainability to executives. When it comes to knowledge, and acceptance of responsibility, they are all over the map. Surprisingly, those in the most polluting industries are often more advanced in their thinking than … Continue reading

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Saturday Links for the Week — July 5, 2008 — The Story Edition

(Several of the students from two Melbourne universities that we hosted yesterday said they thought I looked startlingly like Aussie star footballer Jason Akermanis, above top, except for the blond hair. I don’t see it, but I’m flattered. Must be … Continue reading

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