My New Bio

In 2010, after 40 years trying to work within the industrial growth society, Dave walked away from it. During that 40 years he advised entrepreneurs about innovation, research, sustainability, coping with complexity, and the effective use of knowledge and social media, started a blog in 2003 called How to Save the World, which documents what he’s learned about how the world really works, and how we might create better ways to live and make a living, and in 2007 authored his first book, Finding the Sweet Spot: A Natural Entrepreneur’s Guide to Responsible, Sustainable, Joyful Work.

Now he spends his mornings in meditative practice, alone and with others, reconnecting with all-life-on-Earth, with his instincts and senses, and with the pain so many of us feel for Gaia and its suffering. He spends his afternoons in facilitation practice, organizing and helping activists to develop innovative and effective ways to undermine and end industrial growth society, so that a new, healthy, natural society can take its place. He is not optimistic about this happening. He spends his evenings in reflective practice, play, imagining possibilities, and writing.

after us the dragons


Not sure this will get me invitations to speak at conferences, or to collaborate on projects. But it’s who I am, now, and perhaps, under all the gunk I’d accumulated, who I’ve always been. Nobody-but-myself. It just fits.

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6 Responses to My New Bio

  1. > In 2010, after 40 years trying to work within the industrial growth society

    I would probably have written “after 40 years working within…”

    Love the bird image and logo.

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  3. girish says:

    Welcome home, Dave! :)

  4. Janene says:

    Yep…. It fits:-) Good stuff, Dave.

  5. That would make you about 58, Dave. You do look very young!

    It’s very light and fluffy – maybe an injection of a little more gung-ho spirit would be good; but it all depends on your audience.



  6. Bruce Lewin says:

    Best of luck Dave!

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