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The Stuff of Relationship

In a recent tweet, Jerry Michalski asks: Is the www really connecting us? or just creating thin, artificial relationships? To which I replied: What is the ‘stuff’ of relationship anyway, and have we forgotten what it means, in the growing … Continue reading

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The Value of Conversation

photo by Maren Yumi A couple of years ago, riffing off Nancy White, I wrote that Life’s meaning, and an understanding of what needs to be done, emerges, most often, from conversation in community with people you love. It is … Continue reading

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I am not a consumer. I am not, as my friend Jerry Michalski acerbically puts it, “a gullet who lives only to gulp products and crap cash”. I am not here to use stuff up. I measure myself by my … Continue reading

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Links and Tweets of the Week/Month: March 20, 2010

PREPARING FOR CIVILIZATION’S END The Myth of Self-Reliance: On the pages of most of us Post-Civ bloggers you’ll find exhortations for a return to a community-based society and economy, one based on principles of self-reliance. But Toby Hemenway makes a … Continue reading

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How Many Relationships Can We Manage?

Just about a year ago, I posted an article on the work that Christopher Allen had done on: optimal size of groups for sustainability and collaborative effectiveness (short answer: around 5-7 for work groups and around 50 for networks/communities), and … Continue reading

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Coping With Complexity

saraswati, hindu goddess of knowledge, creativity and openness (image online, uncredited) Some recent comments from readers of my First Principles post led me to revisit one of the first posts I wrote on this blog, nearly seven years ago. It … Continue reading

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First Principles

view from just above my new home; more of my recent photos here One of the discoveries I’ve made as a result of retiring from paid work, and living alone for the first time in decades, is that I now … Continue reading

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Links and Tweets for the Week: March 3, 2010

One of the delightful cartoons of Natalie Dee. See lots more here. PREPARING FOR CIVILIZATION’S END Trying to Cure Reality: A new book Manufacturing Depression, by Gary Greenberg (reviewed by Louis Menand in the New Yorker) debunks the industrial economy … Continue reading

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Throwing Off the Shackles of Debt

(A joint essay by Guy R. McPherson, Keith Farnish, Dave Pollard, and Sharon Astyk.) Indebtedness is a form of servitude, sometimes involuntary, and, in extreme cases, can become a form of endless and harrowing imprisonment. Consider, for example, the current … Continue reading

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