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If We Had a Better Story Could We Tell the Truth?

violet green swallow playing with a feather; photo by Chris Maynard Recently, to my surprise, it’s become more acceptable to tell the grim truth about our civilization. Still not acceptable, mind you, but every once in a while when I … Continue reading

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Don’t Tell Me What (I Need) To Do, Tell Me What (I Want) To Do

We are all pattern recognizers. Our worldview, what we believe, depends on how we have organized what we’ve seen and heard and read and been told (by those we trust, and those we don’t) into patterns. It’s the process by … Continue reading

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Worth Memorizing

I‘ve just finished reading Moonwalking with Einstein, the book by Joshua Foer (little brother of Jonathan Safran Foer, the guy who persuaded me to go vegan). After researching the techniques used by the world’s memory ‘grand masters’, Joshua ended up … Continue reading

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Giving Up on Environmentalism

It’s been about 40 years since my first environmental activism, fighting against the Churchill River hydroelectric diversion in Northern Manitoba and the Mackenzie Valley Oil & Gas Pipelines through the pristine and fragile Canadian arctic to US markets. We lost … Continue reading

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(just for fun, a repost of  story I wrote in January 2009; slightly edited Jan 2017) cartoon by the late charles barsotti; purchase his work here You say you want it fixed. It is not good enough, you say, it … Continue reading

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