More Bowen Birds

I posted some of my favourite Bowen bird photos last year. Here are four more, which I took in the last couple of days. Yes I cheated — had some birdseed that I put out left over from the winter, which attracted some species I always hear but rarely get close enough to photograph, notably the mellifluous grosbeaks and house finches.

Rufous HummingbirdRufous hummingbird, whose family is nesting and buzzing in my upstairs bathroom vent.

Stellar's Jay

Stellar’s jay, as raucous as its crow cousins, but with a spiffier haircut. Song, if you can call it that, here.

Black-Headed Grosbeak

Black-headed grosbeak, whose long and lovely song is also louder than the robins’ and finches’. Song sample. Oops, Spotted Towhee — thanks tomc for the correction.

Black-Headed Grosbeak 2

This is a Black-Headed Grosbeak (a photo I took earlier), whose long and lovely song is also louder than the robins’ and finches’. Song sample.

House Finches

Matched set of house finches, the “happy bird” that sounds like a gentle but exuberant, long-winded and slightly intoxicated robin. Song sample.

For those as crazy about birds as I am, I have put up a complete set of my Bowen bird photos on flickr here. It includes a flicker, of course.


Added June 4: Couldn’t resist adding this little guy:

White-Crowned Sparrow

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7 Responses to More Bowen Birds

  1. Nozulani says:


  2. tomc says:

    Dave, Your grosbeak is a spotted towhee.

  3. Dave Pollard says:

    Thank you tomc! You are correct of course. We have them both, and the white tummy should have tipped me off. I have added a photo of a real Black-Headed Grosbeak that I took earlier (please confirm if you will that I now have it correct). Also, any thoughts on the yellow patches on the tummy of the White-Crowned Sparrow? Immature characteristic, perhaps, or am I misidentifying again?

  4. tomc says:

    I’m a CT native and I’ve never seen a black-headed grosbeak but I have seen eastern towhees. Judging by my Sibley field guide you are correct except for the last picture.I think it’s an immature black-headed grosbeak. Cheers

  5. Polly says:

    What beautiful birds … great photos!

  6. Nozulani says:

    How beautiful.

  7. liliana says:

    :o) Beautiful!, yes.
    thank you

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