I‘ve just adding another dozen items to my already bloated blogroll. I’m actually quite discriminating in what I add, rejecting most of the requests I get to ‘reciprocally’ blogroll, and never adding a blog until I’ve seen at least two remarkable posts on two different days. There’s just a lot of great writing out there! Here are a few of the blogs I’ve added this time:

Practical Metaphors – Ryan Fugger finds amazing things on the Internet that no one else seems to find. Check out this post linking to the provocative short film ‘Bullet in the Brain’ you can download (bandwidth permitting). Ryan’s another reader of Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael. He’s an articulate essayist on how to make the world better, and a contributor to the Blogger’s Parliament.

A Relative Path – Jonathan Broad has a brilliant wit and an ability to succinctly summarize current events and contemplate their deeper meaning. He’s also a pessimist willing to look at the horrors of our recent history and discuss what they tell us about human nature, and what we could do to avoid repeating them.

Bastish – Kevin Cameron’s great photoblog that I neglected to include in my recent post of favourite photoblogs. The picture above is one of Kevin’s. He’s currently living in Japan, which must be a photographer’s dream.

Orcinus – Seattle journalist and liberal A-lister Dave Neiwert doesn’t need any publicity from me, but he’s a great writer and covers, prolifically and in detail, well-referenced and supported, the foibles of the Bush regime.

Globalize This – A new blog by Adam Hersh, a researcher at the Economic Policy Institute, has astute observations on economic and trade matters, which are going to be of crucial importance in the coming months and years. In addition to explaining economic matters in understandable terms, with a progressive slant that I of course appreciate, Adam also covers the work of senior economist and colleague Max Sawicky, whose blog MaxSpeak I’ve also blogrolled.

And on the business/IT side, I’ve added Stephen Downes’ and David Wilcox’s blogs, both of which articulately cover the emerging world of social networking and its role in business and society.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Wow. Seeing Awii (the cockatiel’s name) on your top page startled the crap out of me! We’re both flattered.

    “He’s currently living in Japan, which must be a photographer’s dream.”

    Actually I dream of living in a little house in the woods in Canada… just like the one you are describing all the time, though a little further west than Toronto, like BC. But for now Tokyo will do. ;)

  2. Frank Quist says:

    May I recommend Another World is Here? ( I think it’s a great blog, and they dig up lots of good stuff on saving the world.

  3. Dave Pollard says:

    Kevin: Thanks. It’s a sensational picture, even award-worthy. Frank: Very interesting site. Thanks for the recommendation — I like the ‘nothing negative’ philosophy.

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