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My Blog Taxonomy, and some Technical Notes

I have just revamped my blog taxonomy, retaining but renaming the 6 main categories, reducing the number of second-level categories (so the table of contents takes up less space on the right sidebar) and increasing the number of third-level categories … Continue reading

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Open Space Conversations

The Idea: Some suggestions for making conversations more graceful, polite and productive, drawing on Open Space protocols. Over the past week, I’ve spent at least twenty hours in conversations, and had lots of opportunity to practice what I preached in … Continue reading

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George Bush, Closet Anarchist

The Idea: The actions of George Bush suggest a frontier-mentality faith in the individual’s ability to do anything better than the state. But the plan built on that faith is so naive, unworkable, and tinged with religious fanaticism and intolerance … Continue reading

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The Ten Greatest Impediments to Personal Change

The Idea: The ten most common reasons people who want to change don’t. And some possible ‘cures’. You know what you’d really like to do with your life. You know what you have to do to get there. You know … Continue reading

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Is Emotional Neediness Destroying Our World?

The Idea: Look at those who crave and hoard power, and who are indifferent to suffering and death and destruction, and you’ll probably find a psychopathic personality who has been tipped over the edge by lack of emotional connection. The … Continue reading

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The Gift Economy

The Idea: The Gift Economy offers us a means to learn, to understand, to take charge, and to change our world. It is a natural economy, steeped in millions of years of pre-civilization human culture and the culture of all … Continue reading

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US News of the Week

Everyone Hates the US Media: Nicholas Kristof in the NYT covers a pair of new reports that indicates that Americans of all political stripes deeply distrust the mainstream media. Maybe the time for reconsidering the job of the media has … Continue reading

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More on AHA! The Discovery & Learning Centre

The Idea: A day in the life (c. 2006) of AHA! The Discovery & Learning Centre, which I proposed on these pages last week. I‘d like to thank everyone who commented on my AHA! proposal. I appreciate your candour that … Continue reading

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House, MD

The Idea: Go watch House MD now. Way too good to last. The last time I recommended a television series (Karen Sisco, and the recommendation was due to early-episode writing by creator Elmore Leonard), it was the kiss of death. … Continue reading

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Free Love, by Glenn Parton

The Idea: As regular readers know, I have occasionally published articles on this site from people who do not have their own weblogs. This will mark the third time I’ve published the work of Glenn Parton, best known for his … Continue reading

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