Habitat Jam

Just a quick note that, if you’re interested in chatting online with some of the world’s leading environmentalists, now’s your chance. Register for Habitat Jam, and when you get your confirmation, log in to any of the 7 themed discussions on improving our approaches to urban living. It’s going on live, now, so don’t wait.

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1 Response to Habitat Jam

  1. Zane says:

    I’ve been on and off the Habitat Jam forum for most of the last couple of days, as an “expert” in Municipal Finance and Sustainability. It is the first time I’ve participated in this kind of thing and, for the most part, I found it very valuable. Several ways I could imagine it could be even more functional, but overall the level of discussion is really good.I wonder about how these forums translate into action though. I suppose working on issues where others are also engaged and sharing ideas is valuable…but does it distract us from the work of meeting and working with our neighbours?

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