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January 3, 2006

The Perfect S

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I thought this blog could use a little levity, after some of the heavy posts (emotionally and intellectually) of the past week. So here’s my latest short story, a just-for-fun romantic tale about two strange characters I just couldn’t get out of my head. Please don’t take anything in this story seriously — it’s a satire on stereotypes, fetishes and fantasies, and a chance to poke a bit of fun at myself, nothing more. Not suitable for children.

tonica_Pretty_GirlJorg couldn’t take his eyes off her. Shopgirl,  mid-20s, shoulder-length light brown hair, mischievous smile. His sister and her newlywed daughter were doing some Boxing Week shopping and had an armload of sale items that the shopgirl was ringing up, removing the hangers and the anti-theft devices and scanning each item. She was joking with an associate working the cash register beside her and also chatting with Jorg’s sister. Jorg had driven Laura and Kerstin to the mall as a favour — he had some computer supplies to pick up, and his sister promised to buy him lunch if he drove her and his niece — and now he was waiting patiently for his reward. As he wandered over towards the door to get out of the way of the other shoppers he discovered that the checkout counter was open on the side, and he could now see the shopgirl’s whole ensemble and profile.

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Image: Pretty Girl, by Tonica, at DeviantArt, one of the Web’s most remarkable little-known sites.

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