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January 21, 2006

Links for the Week – Jan. 21/06

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Because of my back injury, I’ve been negligent in my reading this week. Thankfully others have not, and I owe almost all of this week’s links to the diligence of Dale Asberry (‘DA’ in the following paragraphs) and John & Suzanne’s Innovation Weekly (‘IW’ in the following paragraphs). The power of social networks! Thanks!

Monday’s Election in Canada:

  • The CBC has written an excellent piece on the (lack of) election coverage on environmental issues and the dire implications of a predicted Conservative victory on Canada’s environment and on the Kyoto Protocol. Thanks to the CBC’s Ira Basen for the link. 
  • Also, Henry Morgentaler, who almost single-handedly has brought about abortion rights for Canadian women in smaller and more conservative communities across the country, has urged Canadians not to vote Conservative  Despite Harper’s assurances that rights will not be significantly curtailed, many of his candidates are rabidly anti-abortion and have made no secret of their desire to roll back the clock on this and other social issues. 
  • Last chance to think twice, Canada. From the look of the polls, however, it looks as if many Canadians won’t do so.

US Politics & Economics:

Science & Technology:

  • ButterflyNet software transcribes handwritten journals and other scientific documents and notations into digital form, and allows links and photos to be embedded later, saving the tedious process of manual transcription (IW). 
  • Translator Jesse Browner reviews the state of the art (still pretty rudimentary) of language translation software (IW). 
  • John Markoff at the NYT reviews the state of the art (coming along quickly) of long-promised PC/TV convergence (IW). 
  • And Pravda reports that not only does it make you feel better, sex prevents you getting sick in the first place (DA).

Business Innovation:

  • Entrepreneur Magazine lists the hottest business trends in food service, security, home tech and home improvement, business-to-business services, products for children, and cross-industry trends — lots of food for thought in this exhaustive article (IW).  
  • David Gammel has written a great Wikipedia entry on ‘unconferences‘, self-managed and self-organized meetings.

Photos of red foxes taken recently by a neighbour, Sandra Traversy, published in our local newspaper. The foxes are residents of our community, about 2.5 feet long excluding their tails and 1.5 feet tall, weighing only about 10-20 lbs and traveling, mostly nocturnally, at speeds of up to 30 mph. In some ways they behave more like wildcats than wolves, trapping rather than running down their prey (largely field mice in our area), and working alone or in pairs rather than in packs.

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