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Links of the Quarter: September 2017

Photo taken out the author’s front door yesterday. “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” So says Hamlet, poking gentle fun at the science (“philosophy”) of the day. A few centuries … Continue reading

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We Have No Choice

 New Yorker cartoon by the late Charles Barsotti “Rejoice, rejoice, we have no choice but to carry on!” – Stephen Stills My friend Nancy White just wrote an article lamenting the loss of thoughtful asynchronous communication — the modern equivalent of … Continue reading

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The Worst Idea of All Time: Act 1

[SCENE: The scene is sometime in the future, in a large meeting room, looking dusty and shabby from disuse. There are a dozen people in ragged, patched clothes milling around, seemingly setting up the room for a meeting. At the … Continue reading

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The Hanged Man

When I was younger, two Tarot Cards turned up repeatedly in readings done for me: The Hanged Man, and the Fool. The Hanged Man was interpreted at the time as a sign that I was destined for a life of … Continue reading

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Fourth Composition

I’m pleased to present my fourth composition, entitled Konpasition. Once again it’s entirely original (no loops, no samples). This one was inspired by the rhythms of Haitian Konpa or Compas music (formerly called Zouk, sometimes called Gouyad though that is mainly … Continue reading

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Why We Eat So Badly (and No One Is To Blame)

When I came to appreciate how complex systems work, it enabled me to take a more dispassionate and sympathetic look at the myriad of problems and predicaments facing us. The downside of this was the realization that predicaments can’t be fixed, … Continue reading

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image: the tadpole galaxy, a ‘disrupted’ galaxy — source: Hubble Legacy Archive, ESA, NASA, in the public domain, via wikipedia; Processing – Bill Snyder (Heavens Mirror Observatory) ~~~~~ when it awoke, it wasn’t quite clear who it was or where … Continue reading

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Third Composition

This is very different from my first two compositions — it’s largely freeform and improvisational, and entirely original, using no loops. It was inspired by watching the violet-green swallows soaring over my house; one pair is nesting in my powder … Continue reading

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First Compositions

I have been spending a lot of time this month composing music. While I don’t have anything new to share yet, I thought I would post a couple of my earlier compositions to give a flavour for what I am … Continue reading

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The Providence Ceremony

photos above and images below from pixabay CC0 conversation log: 6476 New Calendar The Tsilga‘ Providence, our collective name for their rememberer-women, gather in a circle around the dais. It is time for their ceremony of word-sense, which the Providence have done four … Continue reading

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