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The Providence Ceremony

photos above and images below from pixabay CC0 conversation log: 6476 New Calendar The Tsilga‘ Providence, our collective name for their rememberer-women, gather in a circle around the dais. It is time for their ceremony of word-sense, which the Providence have done four … Continue reading

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Community-Based Business Success Predictor

This poster, which you can also download in a larger size as a PDF, is a recap of some of the major findings in my book Finding the Sweet Spot. If you can’t even imagine starting your own community-based business, here’s a … Continue reading

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Links of the Quarter: June 2017

PREPARING FOR CIVILIZATION’S END Photo taken from my balcony last month Approaching a Minsky Moment: Nicole & Ilargi update their primer on the financial collapse that is likely to precipitate the collapse of our industrial economy (and the end of … Continue reading

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Limbo Pt. 2

So this is what it’s all come down to: a hopeless realization that this apparent person has no free will, no control or choice, no responsibility or agency — doesn’t exist at all in fact. That what we call ‘real life’ … Continue reading

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Some things that used to be important no longer seem to matter. image above from Gustave Doré’s illustration of Dante’s Inferno, in the public domain per wikimedia The word limbo has a (convoluted) religious meaning, but I mean it here … Continue reading

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Ten Things I Wish I’d Learned Earlier

 New Yorker cartoon by the late Charles Barsotti I‘m such a slow learner. I am capable of learning, but it seems I need to be hit over the head before I recognize a truth, and to work twice as hard … Continue reading

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only this

only this i walked along the ocean shore and suddenly i was no more my self had simply ceased to be and for a while there was no ‘me’. and at that moment all was clear — a Cheshire grin from ear … Continue reading

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20 Lines of Work to Encourage Your Kids to Avoid

(Haven’t done a rant for a while; let’s see how many people I can inadvertently offend this time around. Be forewarned that this post contains immoderate, highly-judgemental language, inadequately-defined terms, Oxford commas, and unsubstantiated opinions. I’m not proud.) THE ROGUES … Continue reading

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10 Things That Are Less Complicated Than They Might Seem

Some people are likely to enjoy the first part of this and loathe (or be bewildered by) the second part; others are likely to find the first part boring and the second part a fun thought experiment. I considered posting … Continue reading

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this moment

there is no word to describe this moment — it is not silent or quiet, because while there are no words being spoken or thought, there is yet sound it is not still, because there is movement, though without plan, … Continue reading

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