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Saturday Roundup: Five Thought Provokers

The Fifty-Year Shadow: The last living signatory of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto of 1955, warning politicians and the world of the dangers of nuclear arms proliferation, explains eloquently in this week’s NYT why that warning is just as relevant fifty years … Continue reading

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The Great Refusal, by Glenn Parton

This is the third and final part of Glenn Parton’s latest essay. Part one, Exterminism, is a broad criticism of Western culture. Part two, Free Love, outlines a mystical approach in support of a polyamory lifestyle. In this third part, … Continue reading

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Looks Like the Fourth Turning After All

The Idea: Is the US predestined to slide into totalitarianism? I haven’t written much about US politics lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been paying attention. As distraught as I am about the extremist ideology of the party in … Continue reading

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Making Blogs Browsable

The Idea: By allowing blog articles to be indexed the way their author would organize them in a filing cabinet, and by allowing the reader to view blog articles by topic and sub-topic instead of just reverse chronological order, blogs … Continue reading

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Twelve Ways to Think Differently

The Idea: Twelve methods that will exercise parts of your brain that rarely get it, and make you more creative and better able to understand the world. Our minds are like our bodies — fail to exercise them and they … Continue reading

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By the Numbers: The Wal-Mart Dilemma, File Sharing and Lousy Service

The Idea: Oligopolies, insane intellectual property laws, unreasonable shareholder expectations, government corporate welfare, massive subsides, corporate amorality and other aberrations keep the current economy light-years from being a true market economy, but at a micro level, customers are starting to … Continue reading

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Making Peace With the End of Civilization

The Idea: The author waxes philosophical about how he can be so pessimistic and so happy at the same time, and why he works so hard when he sees no perpetuity to what he does. Here’s the gist of a … Continue reading

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We Need More ‘If the Shoe Were On the Other Foot’ Thinking

The Idea: If we really want to break people out of their frames, we should make less use of satire and more use of analogous thinking based on an extension of the ‘golden rule’ . By now you’re probably tired … Continue reading

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A Little Bragging, A Little Contest, and the reason Dave’s RSS is MIA

Although my page-counts are going through their usual spring doldrums, my Technorati inbound blog count is creeping up on the magic 1000 mark, and should reach that level in the next week or two. This will be a first for … Continue reading

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Links of the Week

Here’s my usual Saturday assortment of interesting links sent to me or stumbled upon in the past week, this week with a predominantly feminine flavour: The Real News from Iraq: Kentucky photojournalist Molly Bingham, who has risked her life several … Continue reading

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